The Taliban, again: what will happen now in Afghanistan?


The Taliban arrived in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Thus, after twenty years of American presence, with a gradual withdrawal in recent years, the Taliban have regained control of the country.

Foreign presences in Afghanistan, a symbol of their powerlessness, are now escaping. Women will be the people most affected by this situation, because the Taliban ideology does not want them to play an important role in Afghan society.

This ideology, which is a singular version of Islam, is also rooted in Pakistan. A country that will be fundamental for China that has already initiated trade agreements with the Taliban for the construction of many important infrastructures.

China and the taliban: a singular love

china taliban trade agreements

China will not use Afghanistan as a stop on the Silk Road, which starts from this Asian tiger and reaches the heart of Europe. And Pakistan is a strategic partner for this goal.

China also wants to show that its ideology is winning, while American capitalism is only violent and losing. As already demonstrated in many other wars in its history: Vietnam or Iraq, for example.

What will happen in Afghanistan? Everything will depend on the international community: Will the US, Russia, Turkey, Iran and other influential countries in this region accept a new Taliban government? And above all, a central role of China?

Afghanistan has an enviable geographical position and is the leader of opium production, which dramatically collapsed with the Taliban.

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