Gheddafi assassinated ten years ago: Libya still in chaos

The libanian President – know as Raìs or The Colonnel – Muhammar Gheddafi died ten years ago. On october 20th. He was assassinated by Libyan rebels, but a major role in the war was of The United States, France and Great Britain.

Gheddafi and the role of France

The French have played a fundamental role in the issue, because President Nikolas Sarkozy wanted to dismiss Gheddafi because he had brought him many petroldollars for his electoral campaign. And Sarkozy gave Gaddafi many weapons in exchange.

Muhammar Gheddafi has changed his actions towards the International community. Italy, for example, became his main european ally thanks to Silvio Berlusconi. In contrast to the past, when libyans saw italians as colonialists and enemies.

The alliance was important for gas supplies and for italian companies operating in Libya. Now, France has the most control of Libyan gas, but Italy has suffered the phenomenon of immigration in the last ten years.

Gheddafi threatened that the Mediterraneo would become a cemetery. It was a dramatic prophecy.

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