FDA approves Pfizer: three matters that should worry

FDA approves Pfizer: three matters that should worry

A fews ofdays ago, FDA – Food and Drug Administration, american authority on drugs and health metters – has approved Pfizer’s vaccine against Covid-19 virus for people over 12 years old.

An event that is good news for pro-vax and, of course, for Pfizer company.

But it is not a good event for people who are afraid of vaccines made to fight Covid-19 Pandemia. In fact, there are three factors that every person should take into consideration. Even the pro-vax. Especially the first and second.

Pfizer board of directors has a former FDA’s commissioner

Scott Gottlieb is an american doctor and trader. He held various roles inAmerican health institutions before joining Pfizer Board of Directors. A role that Gottlieb now occupies. Even in FDA, where he was even Commissioner, between 2017 and 2019.

Is it a conflict of interest? A similar situation, but reverse, for the director of EMA. The european health authority.

Pfizer’s vaccine has changed its name

FDA has approved a Pfizer’s vaccine with another name: COMIRNATY, sobstitute of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine.

Two similar vaccines, with the difference that the first is definitive, the second is for the emergency use. Those now in circulation. So, the problem isn’t the name, but the the vaccine for the emergency is not proven for long enough. And the problems caused by this vaccine are many.

Not sure for final approval. The name change serves to hide this problem.

Will Pfizer’s vaccine be mandatory?

The last problem concerns the mandatory of this vaccine, being safety for authority. Most likely, final approval will also be granted by EMA in the European Union.

It is no coincidence that European governments talk about compulsory for over 40s, because many people between 40 and 50 are not vaccinated.

The Green pass has lost its initial power to make skeptics change their minds. Although another push could come between autumn and winter, when the wheater is not good for outdoor eating and the Cinemas will offer more interesting films.

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