Cuba’s citizens reclaim freedom: or Usa want to re-conquister their island?

In this days, in Cuba people back to protest after 30 years from last time against comunist regim.

The caraibic island is not more governed by the Castro, with Fidel death in 2016 and Raul retired as President a few months ago.

The suspect behind this public protests is thant Usa want to encourage cubanians to destroy the regim that governs the island from over 60 years. But if is true that Castro annulled all politics rights, it’s also true that he gove many civil rights to his population.

For example:

  • african people riceived cubanian passport
  • analfabetism was annulled
  • Cuba has one of the best healthcare in the world
  • foreign speculators, overall Casino and prostitution, were driven out from the country

Biden supports Cuba’s people

Foto di David Mark da Pixabay

The american president, Joe Biden, after any days, has broken the silence and he is supporting cubanians istances. But he hasn’t a clear foreign policy. A part the return of a cold war with Russia. However, he hasn’t annulled economical repression yet, as did by Barack Obama. Trump restored them when became President.

Next months colud to be decisive for cubanian situation. Covid-19’s situation is very hard and it colud to help Usa to take supremacy on the island. Again.

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